Facebook and MTV are revamping 'The Real World'

Facebook and MTV are revamping 'The Real World'

Facebook and MTV are revamping 'The Real World'

The iconic MTV reality show The Real World is coming to the Facebook Watch platform with three seasons in three different countries next year. "By partnering with Facebook Watch and BMP [the production company], we have the opportunity to impact culture and create a new genre of television all over again, while engaging the next generation of content consumers around the world". The series plans to use the social network's global reach of over one billion users to reinvigorate the show, which brought together several strangers to live together in a house while filming the interactions and drama that result.

The relaunch is part of Viacom's push to launch new shows under its own brand across networks that it does not own, as well as streaming services and social platforms.

The Real World made history as a "trailblazing social experiment", Matthew Henick, head of content planning and strategy at Facebook, said Wednesday.

The Real World is ready for a real comeback.

This being Facebook, "social conversation" will be a central element of the new Real World shows, executives said. More on the Real World reboot below. That's right: you can now play God with the Real World contestants.

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MTV's The Real World was an originator of reality TV.

About Facebook WatchFacebook Watch is a place to discover and enjoy shows on Facebook.

The channel said its production studio is producing the seasons with Bunim/Murray Productions. This is a personalized viewing experience, where you can discover new series based on what your friends are watching, and catch up on the shows you follow. Viewers can watch the series on mobile, desktop and Facebook's TV app.

Of course, it may likely take more than a single show to get people to make Facebook Watch one of their preferred outlets for streaming content but it does demonstrate that the business is willing to invest in such content to drive traffic and interest to its platform.

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