Gas shortages in wake of Hurricane Michael

Aftermath of Hurricane Michael               CBS News

Aftermath of Hurricane Michael CBS News

A Florida town has been almost wiped off the map and at least six people are dead after Hurricane Michael tore through the Florida Panhandle, Georgia and the Carolinas.

FSU is also asking people to avoid the area so they don't hinder fix work.

No other information was available about the deceased man found in Mexico Beach, said Joseph Zahralban, Miami's fire chief and the task force leader of a search and rescue unit. "That is just one more hazard that we didn't need", said Panama City resident Brooke Esposito.

As of Friday, a total of 11 people have died in storm-related deaths in Florida, Virginia, Georgia and North Carolina.

Ken Widelski, NOAA/NWS emergency-response meteorologist, said the storm presented a risk of more flooding for communities in SC and North Carolina still recovering from Hurricane Florence, which made landfall last month as a Category 1 storm but soaked the area after stalling for several days. In Charlotte County, three people became stranded in a vehicle on a bridge along Mt. Harmony Road, according to state police.

FEMA crews have been using bulldozers and other heavy equipment to push a path through debris so rescuers can sift the rubble using specially trained search dogs.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said state officials still "do not know enough" about the fate of those who stayed behind in the region.

Phil Klotzbach, Colorado Springs University meteorologist, ranked Hurricane Michael unofficially as the fourth strongest in USA history and third-strongest to hit Florida, as well as the most powerful hurricane to crash the Florida panhandle.

The storm, which in less than two days grew from a tropical storm to a Category 4 hurricane on the five-step Saffir-Simpson scale, tore apart entire neighbourhoods in the Panhandle, reducing homes to naked concrete foundations or piles of wood and siding.

Except for the emergency 911 system, authorities in Bay County, the epicenter of the disaster, were virtually without telephone or internet service until late on Friday, making communications internally and with the public hard. A spokeswoman said the four deaths had been forwarded to the medical examiner's office, but additional details were not immediately available.

Sixth Washington child hospitalized with mysterious illness, health officials say
Though the CDC says it's not necessarily proven to guard against AFM, they recommend frequent hand-washing with soap and water. There isn't a vaccine that could prevent AFM and there isn't a vaccine that causes the condition, medical experts said.

"To just sort of check out various neighborhoods, to try to ensure that we're not missing anybody", Gillum said. "We're doing what we can with the minimal media that we have". Picture taken October 11, 2018. "It's washed away", she said.

Some of the worst damage was in Mexico Beach, where the hurricane crashed ashore on Wednesday as a category four monster with 250-kilometres-per-hour winds and a storm surge of 2.7 metres.

"We were just surprised by the sheer damage", Jadallah said of arriving in Mexico Beach after Hurricane Michael.

"We were going to establish a mortuary location". Based on wind speed, it was the fourth-strongest, behind the Labor Day storm (184 miles per hour, or 296 kph), Camille and Andrew in 1992.

Watch aerial footage of damage caused in Florida from Hurricane Michael's direct hit.

The number of people in emergency shelters was expected to swell to 20,000 across five states by Friday, said Brad Kieserman of the American Red Cross.

The devastation inflicted by Hurricane Michael came into focus on Thursday with rows upon rows of homes found smashed to pieces, and search-and-rescue crews made their way into the stricken areas in hopes of accounting for hundreds of people who defied evacuation orders.

"It was the flawless beach town".

"We extend our heartfelt sympathy to the loved ones and friends of those killed", Cooper said in a statement. You have to hunt around to find the exact spots where the strongest winds are blowing, and then drop your instruments in, remembering that you're dropping it from let's say 10,000 feet, it's going to get blown sideways as it drops toward the ground.

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