Google Home Hub is all about simplifying the smart home experience

Google Home Hub is all about simplifying the smart home experience

Google Home Hub is all about simplifying the smart home experience

This is essentially turning your smart display into a digital picture frame. While it's nice for adding visual elements to Google Assistant, it's not the kind of thing I can see myself watching movies or TV on. In some ways, I still do.

So where does that leave the Google Home Hub?

Perhaps in the modern hyper-competitive hardware market, software and subscription-based products are one of the few highly profitable section of the market left.

Other than that, there's really just not a lot to say about the Home Hub. The Echo Show has a built-in smart-home hub, meaning you can use it to set up a number of smart-home devices that aren't Wi-Fi-enabled, such as Phillips Hue's smart bulbs. It carries on the Google Home aesthetic and doesn't take up much room at all, but pumps out a very impressive amount of volume from its diminutive size. Ask Google Assistant for help! The kit will be available for purchase at the Google Store, Best Buy, Lowe's, and Target. I have the 10-inch Lenovo model on my bedroom nightstand and I keep the camera covered unless I'm on a Google Duo call, which is rare.

Google's own smart display has officially arrived in the $149 Google Home Hub, and Google Assistant has never been smarter.

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No more will I be the only user who controls the thermostat, doorbell, locks, etc. You'll be able to control compatible devices (like Nest and Philips Hue) with your voice or touch. Curiously, that doesn't appear to be the case, as those smart displays run the Android Things OS, whereas the Google Home Hub is running on the Google Cast platform.

There wasn't a demonstration of the function, however it should be accessed by using Google Assistant to initiate a call. The Home Hub is also the only Google smart display with a temperature changing display, thanks to both the high-quality display and the brightness sensor that can pick up the ambient light color. Furthermore, Google Home users are getting the ability to increase or decrease playback speed of news and podcasts, a feature that was only available for audiobooks previously.

It is a simple feature with huge benefits, and those types of software upgrades really mark the current state of Google.

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