Google launches Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL in Taiwan

Google Pixel 3 XL Display Ranked Alongside Galaxy Note 9 iPhone XS Max by DisplayMate

Google Pixel 3 XL price in India starts at Rs. 83,000

Titan M checks to make sure the bootloader is running the right version of Android. Last year's Pixels were the other way around as the bigger Pixel had LG's P-OLED display while the smaller one relied on Samsung's AMOLED screens.

For the Titan M in the latest Pixel smartphones, Google explained on Wednesday, there's that same root of trust, ensuring the device starts up an operating system that hasn't been tampered with by malware or hackers, and is cryptographically signed off by Google. Additionally, Titan M will decrypt the phone only after it has successfully verified your password. That hasn't slowed down iFixit from tearing down the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL to reveal all it can about the upcoming handsets. It is also used to verify user lock screen passcodes and helps to limit logon attempts by random attackers. "The Google Pay team", according to the post, "is actively testing out these new APIs to secure transactions". Titan M will also prevent bad actors from attempting to unlock the bootloader. This should not be confused with the Titan Security Key, Google's two-factor authentication dongle, but it's related to Titan, a custom security chip used in Google's data centers. Today they've expanded on what the Titan M chip actually is, and what it can do for security on your phone. Protected Confirmation is key in protecting P2P payments, e-voting, and more.

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The telco has announced that both the Pixel smartphones - Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have arrived on the Airtel online store.

Wrapping up its details, Google also says that it created Titan M with "insider attack resistance", namely the chip's firmware can't be updated without the device's passcode.

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