Google’s Home App Gets a Sleek Makeover

Where you'd expect to see a camera, you instead get an array of sensors that help the Home Hub constantly adjust the screen to feel natural in the room and light where it finds itself.

You can now use Google Assistant to create multi-room audio using your smart speakers, which includes the Google Home Hub. Called Google Home Hub, it's a smart display with built-in Google Assistant. Keep in mind though, that both of those devices have larger screens than the 7-inch display on the Google Home Hub. JBL and Lenovo's attempts at this have been solid, but now it's Google's turn.

Google, during the Pixel launch event, mentioned that the Home Hub does not feature cameras to make it comfortable to use in private places.

It lets you not only hear Google Assistant and your app integrations but also see them and the information you're seeking.

Google Assistant is much better than Alexa at parsing natural language. But the big difference, for now, I guess, is its new dashboard view, which mimics the new Google Home app on mobile.

Along with the launch of new Google hardware this week, there are many Google Assistant updates on the way.

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At the MadeByGoogle event in NYC on Tuesday, I spent some time with the new hub. Per usual, you can use your voice to control your smart home, add something to your calendar, search the web, and listen to music. In other words, you can now control different types of devices from different hardware makers in a central location, much as you might from a "real" hardware hub such as Wink Hub or the Amazon Echo Plus, which provides a built-in Zigbee hub. Like everything else on offer by Google lately, this piece of hardware is different not only because of how it is built, but also because of the software experience within. You know, in that it is a software-based smart home hub.

Google Home Hub measures 67mm (D) x 178.5 (W) x 118 (H) and weighs 480g. So things like receipts or screenshots that were uploaded to your Google Photos won't be mixed in with portraits or landscapes, and blurry or duplicate photos won't make the cut.

You can use the Home Hub to show you a photo gallery when it's asleep, making it a digital picture frame. You can get it in Chalk, Charcoal, Aqua, or Sand colours. It's not. It's just a Google-branded smart display.

One of our favourite features is the easily accessible smart home controls menu.

It costs $149 in the USA (£13 in the UK) from Google Store.

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