Jodie Whittaker draws big as first female Doctor Who

Doctor Who Season 11

Jodie Whittaker draws big as first female Doctor Who

Former Doctor Who star David Tenant says it took him nearly no time to forget about his previous involvement with the series and lose himself in the new story, once he fired it up late Sunday night.

The Doctor's gender was not the only thing that felt new. Personally not my favorite (nothing will beat "The Eleventh Hour" with Matt Smith's walk through all the Doctors before him) but it still had an added emotional quality to it.

Doctor Who is back. It didn't come across as revolutionary other than seeing Whittaker in the role-and that's probably a good thing.

The Woman Who Fell To Earth, a new episode of the BBC science fiction drama, has just aired in the United Kingdom, introducing audiences to Whittaker as the 13th Doctor, a role she claimed in July previous year amid increasing calls for it to go to a woman. And that's maybe for the best.

Jodie Whittaker has gone on record already saying that she finds the negative response "ridiculous", as its high time for a woman Doctor. Chris Chibnall and company managed to give us an episode that did its job and kept us intrigued for the rest of the season.

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You can check out his thoughts on the matter that he posted on his Instagram account below. People wanted to see McGregor's return, and for him take on one of the best lightweights.

David Tennant was among the millions who caught Jodie Whittaker's first full Doctor Who episode last night, and apparently being an ex-Doctor and knowing the behind-the-cameras tricks didn't provide any emotional distance. "But, I certainly wasn't coming at it from a Whovian standpoint, so it's been exciting for me to kind of be welcomed in and realising why there's so much love for it out there, because it's absolutely incredible, and I think it's been a really exciting journey and one that I'm really glad is not over yet". I asked her what the response has been like for her. When an alien invades the train she and Graham are travelling home on, she's the one who goes to investigate.

Jodie Whittaker seems to be recovering from regeneration a lot more quickly than Peter Capaldi did, so we probably won't spend more than this past episode on amnesia.

One said: "I love her". But also, it's a great time for a new generation of children and families to start the habit of gathering around the television together to watch this amusing, scary, extraordinary show!

"Don't be scared. All of this is new to you, and new can be scary". Even with the premiere's extended runtime, the chase to prevent Tim from hunting down an unsuspecting human for his bounty takes a backseat to developing the Doctor and her three co-leads.

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