Kansas records its first flu deaths of the season

Kansas records its first flu deaths of the season

Kansas records its first flu deaths of the season

Some people do get achy and exhausted after getting the vaccine but that's usually just the immune system mounting a response.

Indeed, if the vaccine doesn't prevent you from contracting the flu, it can still protect against the illness' severity. It is not a conspiracy for doctors to recommend the flu vaccine.

The government will launch its annual free flu vaccination program on Monday at hospitals and other medical facilities throughout Taiwan, starting with people in high-risk groups, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). These antibodies then protect you against infection with the viruses that are in the vaccine.

She adds that there is a chance you can feel a bit weaker because 'your body is mounting a response to make antibodies against the flu virus, so there is a potential that you may feel weaker, but it should only be a couple of days, ' Dr Walters says. "Obviously, there are colds and the flu going around", he says. "You likely picked up a cold somewhere, and this was a coincidence".

The department said 125,000 people received the flu shot a year ago through the province's publicly funded vaccination program. "That's also not the flu".

Ten suspected cases of rare nervous system disease in northern IL children
Officials at Children's Mercy Hospital said two cases of Acute Flaccid Myelitis , or AFM, have been confirmed at the hospital. However, there are other causes of AFM besides EV-D68 and severe respiratory illness is a greater concern with this virus.

Pediatricians from around Chicago have an urgent message for parents.

The department's report did not say where in the state that the death occurred, but did say the unvaccinated child was otherwise healthy before getting sick.

Experts stress that parents need to understand the importance of vaccinating their children against the flu.

A Florida child who hadn't received a flu vaccination died from the virus in late September or early October, according to the state's department of health. "By not vaccinating your child, you are putting your child's life in danger".

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