Man using Google Street View to get directions catches his wife cheating

Peru man gets divorce after seeing wife with another man on Google Maps

Man divorces wife after awkward Google Earth encounter

That was certainly the case for one Peruvian man who was scrolling through Google Maps when he recognised the clothing of a woman sitting on a bench in Puente de los Suspiros de Barranco in Lima. They later divorced due to her infidelity.

A man most likely just looking for directions on Google Street View instead stumbled upon his wife petting the hair of another man.

According to MailOnline, the man had been researching the best way to get to a bridge in Lima, the capital of Peru.

The photograph is one of a long line of unintentionally freakish images taken for Google Maps and Google Street View. The image of the pair snuggling on a bench, with the man's head resting in the woman's lap, is still on Street View. While this wasn't exactly out of the ordinary, the user noticed that the woman was wearing clothes that appeared identical to his wife's. Dog Followed Google Street View Car in Japan and Ruined Every Photo on Google Maps.

The unnamed couple divorced after he confronted her about her adultery.

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A Peruvian couple have divorced after a truly freaky story - with the aid of Google Maps.

The unidentified man found about the affair on Facebook, Latin American local media La Cronica via Newshub reported on Wednesday.

The couple were not named in the reports.

Google street view has a lot of positives, as it helps a lot of us finds places we need to go.

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