McConnell Shepherds Through 15 More Judges, Senate Packs Up Until Midterms

Brett Kavanaugh with his D.C. Circuit law clerks from 2014 to 2015

Brett Kavanaugh with his D.C. Circuit law clerks from 2014 to 2015 Uncredited AP

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has referred all judicial misconduct complaints against new Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Colorado to investigate, he said in a letter Wednesday.

"On numerous Senate races, races that we didn't think we had a chance, we're going to at least do very well and in many cases I think we're going to win", Trump predicted. Throughout the Kavanaugh controversy we were told it would be deadly for Republicans among suburban women voters they need to avoid being blown out in November.

Senate Democrats up for reelection in red states feared they could be kept in Washington while their Republican challengers ran free in their respective states.

Progressives, however, say that Democrats are only giving Trump and McConnell more time to appoint even more lifetime nominees, including a replacement for Kavanaugh on the powerful D.C. Circuit.

"When they go low, we kick them", former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. says after a clip of a pro-life protester is kicked in the face by an abortion activist. Joe Fain is seeking re-election to his third term under the cloud of a sexual assault accusation.

"We expect senators to work, to fight for us and to stand up for what is right".

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Polls show Republicans leading in Senate races in Texas, Tennessee and North Dakota, where incumbent Democrat Heidi Heitkamp is trying to hold on in a state that went heavily for Trump in 2016. Among independents, 47 percent disagree with the Senate's decision to confirm Kavanaugh while only 34 percent believe the Senate was correct.

To make matters worse for Democrats, Republicans continue to threaten Democratic incumbents in four other states with Senate races - Missouri, Indiana, Florida and Montana. Numerous most contested House races are in suburban districts where women voters will play a pivotal role, according to Jim Kessler with the center-left group Third Way.

It's possible the complaints will never be investigated if the lower-court judges determine they have no jurisdiction over a Supreme Court justice under the judiciary's ethics rules.

"Yesterday they were talking about impeaching Judge Kavanaugh", said Trump expressing shock over the talk.

With the House already gone, the next time Congress conducts business will be after Election Day, Nov. 6. Jim began his VOA career with the English to Africa Service in 1983.

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