Melania in Egypt to visit Pyramids on final leg of Africa tour

US First Lady Melania Trump visits the Giza Pyramids

Feminist statement or fancy dress costume? Decoding Melania Trump’s Egypt trouser suit

The white pith hat she wore for safari tour of Kenya certainly raised a few eyebrows, as the helmet is a common symbol for colonialism.

In a Facebook post on Friday, Sisi's wife welcomed Melania by saying she would arrive to her "second country, Egypt".

Many on social media saw the helmet as a larger issue - one that serves as the growing US sentiment that overshadows the importance of racial equality, relations and compassion in America today. She also had on a tan fedora and black tie. "I'm glad Judge Kavanaugh was heard, that the FBI investigation was done, completed, and that the Senate voted", Trump said in Cairo.

During her trip, the first lady's focus has been on humanitarian efforts, specifically those funded by United States government aid, and those that work to better the lives of children.

Trump - wearing another white hat - used the symbolic backdrop as a moment to discuss her six-day trip to Africa, including whether any of her hosts had brought up the disparaging comments her husband has reportedly made about African countries.

Meanwhile in a press conference in Cairo, the US First lady told reporters she wishes people would focus on what she does, not on what she wears. Prof Amutabi says there was, since President Trump has not visited the continent and rarely mentions Africa in his speeches, notwithstanding the White House visits by presidents Abdel Fattah el-Sisi (Egypt), Muhammadu Buhari (Nigeria) and Uhuru Kenyatta (Kenya).

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The stylish former model also said she did not always agree with her husband´s tweets and shared her opinions with him directly, even though he did not always follow her advice.

The First Lady was talking in Egpyt at the end of a tour of Africa during which she has been viewing American aid projects and talking to African leaders.

Speaking near the Sphinx, Trump said that the message of her trip has been to show "that we care".

Donald Trump's Twitter fingers are infamous.

The U.S. Agency for International Development has been working with the Egyptian government on lowering groundwater levels to prevent additional damage to the landmarks.

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