#MeToo movement hits MoS MJ Akbar, actor Alok Nath


#MeToo movement hits MoS MJ Akbar, actor Alok Nath

I lost my confidence as a writer and as a human being. "As the evening flowed, my drinks were mixed and I began to feel unusual". I could sense it wouldn't be right for me to stay thee any longer. "When she complained to us, we made a decision to let him go".

It's taken Vinta nearly 20 years to tell her story of harassment, sexual assault and abuse that started on the sets of the hit Tv show Tara, and just about five minutes for the man who epitomised 'sanskaari' values in desi pop culture, to dismiss them.

"It was my personal Facebook page and I was not expecting the situation to blow up". I don't know what I will do next but one thing is clear. I was the one who was labeled as person who is not cooperative. She further encouraged women to openly call out their abusers and not suffer in silence. "Social media also saved me", she added. According to Nanda, she was encouraged by the #MeToo movement and chose to share her story as it was "a now or never" moment for her. "I thought saying "sanskari" would do the needful".

Later, she got a job to write and direct a series for Plus Channel, and again her paths crossed with Alok. Nothing has been decided. "I have spoken openly and I am not shamed".

"When I spoke years ago, not a single person came in support of me". I'm not afraid and I am not ashamed, it is he who should be ashamed. Because he has lived for so many years believing that he's gotten away. The perpetrator should be punished not only in my case, but in every such case.

In her post, Nanda accused the "most Sanskaari person" of raping her a couple of times 19 years ago. She also alleged that the lead actor of her show was also being harassed by the same man and everybody watched silently. One of the recent names, which came out, much to the shock of many, was that of actor Alok Nath, the actor known for his on-screen "sanskaari" image in Indian television and films.

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Vinta Nanda, in her Facebook post, said that during the 90s, she was producing the show "Tara" where Alok Nath was the lead actor opposite Navneet Nishan.

Actor Alok Nath on Tuesday denied allegations of sexual assault levelled against him by veteran TV writer-producer Vinta Nanda.

Nishan said she empathises with the "terrible pain" Nanda has gone through. Also, it was not all, she further shared another incident where she was tortured brutally.

It was so brutal that the next morning she woke up, it was paining badly. I was questioning myself... I fought my battles there and then.

In the powerful post, she calls out to all who have suffered sexual harassment in their lives. "It is high time", she stated.

Reacting to Nanda's allegations, Cine And TV Artistes' Association or CINTAA official and actor Sushant Singh tweeted that Nath would be sent a show cause notice asking him to explain why he should not immediately be expelled from the film body.

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