NBA Celtics get victory while reassembling puzzle

NBA Celtics get victory while reassembling puzzle

NBA Celtics get victory while reassembling puzzle

Joel Embiid led the 76ers with 23 points and 10 rebounds while Ben Simmons flirted with a triple-double, posting 19 points, 15 rebounds and eight assists, but it simply wasn't enough to hang with the Cs. "They were tremendous. It was everything I expected when I originally signed here".

It didn't stop them from picking up their first victory on a night they celebrated the official return of their two biggest stars.

And it isn't just the game itself that viewers are having a hard time dealing with, as even the broadcast team received some Twitter wrath.

Boston took a 47-42 half-time lead, the 76ers stung by 11 first-half turnovers.

Until the Sixers improve their roster by adding more top-end talent, the gulf between them and the Celtics isn't shrinking anytime soon.

"It's not just reintegrating Kyrie and Gordon (Hayward), it's Daniel (Theis) as well", Stevens said.

The guard came in from out of nowhere to stuff the Sixers big man and excite the Celtics crowd.

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"Our strength has to be in our depth", Stevens said in his post-match press conference.

"I think as long as I can do things when I'm out there on the court that can help us get wins, I'll be happy".

My back's been ongoing a little bit, but definitely got progressively worse and that's what made me think I need to dial it back a little bit. J.J. Redick chipped in 16 off the bench. "I had to wait a year for it but it was fantastic". I try to coach him without the knowledge of his draft order.

"I wouldn't call it a rivalry just yet", Marcus Smart said. That's how I'm approaching it. "It's my goal, for me, that I won't, that I will give this a chance".

Here's some of the best Sixers content from around the web. Al Horford is not Boston's best player but he is their most important - he played great defense in the paint with five blocks, scored nine points, and just did whatever needed to be done to get the win. This one was but a blip.

But in a game they won comfortably despite playing nowhere near their best basketball, what was evident was the Celtics' floor. But it's likely that they'll see Boston again in the postseason, possibly with a trip to the Finals on the line. Ben Simmons has blossomed into a risky player, but he can not shoot.

Somehow, between now and then, they'll have to figure out how to turn this Sixers-Celtics thing into a legitimate rivalry.

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