Palm makes comeback with credit card-size Android smartphone

Palm is back (sort of), and it built a tiny smartphone sidekick

Palm Phone hands-on: an Android phone for your phone

The phone has a small 3-inch, 445ppi screen and uses a USB Type-C port for charging and earphones.

This new Palm is completely reinventing the old Palm. Well, sort of, after a new phone called Palm was announced thanks to a combination of the startup which owns the Palm brand and Chinese hardware makers, TCL.

Analyst Ben Wood from CCS Insight said it was "certainly an ambitious move" by the San Francisco start-up, which licensed the Palm brand from owner HTC.

With a 8cm display, it's just 0.2-inches smaller than the original iPhone. Like a smartwatch, the Palm isn't created to replace an iPhone - it's more like an accessory for people who don't want to lug their main device to the gym or dinner.

More than any other feature, the Life Mode on the Palm phone is what makes this a "time well spent" minimalist phone.

The most unique thing about The Palm is that you need to already have a smartphone and a cellular plan with Verizon. You'll also find a 12MP rear camera, 8MP front camera, and a weight of just 2.2 ounces. Palm has a solution: get a phone for your phone.

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The Snapdragon 435 chipset is at the helm of Palm Phone.

With this arrangement, Palm Phone is supposed to sync with your main phone and pull stuff like notifications, texts and calls so you can theoretically leave the big phone at home. Instead, you've got a vertical list of all your apps, a Google search bar at the top, quick access to the Google Assistant by double-pressing the power button, and that's about it. It costs USD350 (around RM1,450) yes, but right now you can only purchase it through United States carrier Verizon on a connected device plan, so it comes with a nano SIM that you can't remove. Palm says that it works with both Android and iOS devices, though since the Palm Phone is running on Android, you won't be able to receive iMessages.

There's also a special "Life Mode" that turns off all notifications and even disables the Palm's radios in an effort to help eliminate distractions and focus on what matters. In that case, this device is easy to carry along while you are on a track, or in the gym or even while going for a walk with your dog.

I mean, the company is led by hip, young people who wear leather jackets and trendy knit sweaters, and I don't see anything Palm-like about the Palm Phone beyond its name. Then, you factor in celebrity endorsement by basketball superstar Steph Curry and designer accessories by Kate Spade, and the intention is clear: It's more about pushing a statement than a game-changing product.

Think about it: we've nearly reached peak smartphone design right now and the latest phones can do some incredible things.

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