Piers Morgan shames Daniel Craig for wearing baby ‘papoose’

Daniel Craig in 2015

Daniel Craig in 2015

Morgan's point is that it's more manly to carry a baby in your arms than it is to wear one on your chest.

Morgan's comments sparked a debate on Twitter, with the TV presenter asking United States president Donald Trump - who follows him on the social media platform - to wade in with his thoughts.

"Oh 007. not you as well?!", Morgan tweeted, adding the helpful hashtags #papoose and #emasculatedBond.

British television personality Piers Morgan lit up social media when he tweeted a photo of James Bond star Daniel Craig with his infant daughter in a baby carrier.

People immediately roasted Morgan's tweet, contending that there's nothing wrong with a dad using a baby carrier to hold his child. "Any man who wastes time quantifying masculinity is terrified on the inside", Evans responded on Twitter.

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"There is nothing more masculine than a Father taking an active role in nurturing and looking after his child", another user wrote.

Craig's wife, the actress Rachel Weisz, reportedly gave birth to a daughter in August.

In response, many fathers posted photos of themselves proudly wearing baby carriers.

While Piers was roundly criticized for his opinion, I think he hit the nail on the head when he stated that James Bond would never be caught wearing a papoose. He posted more tweets railing against the parenting accessory.

Morgan would clarify his comments making it clear he was referring to the use of the papoose as emasculating. "I don't really have you down as a papoose kinda guy, but then you're full of surprises".

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