Pixel 3 Event: Here's everything to expect from Google

Pixel 3 Event: Here's everything to expect from Google

Pixel 3 Event: Here's everything to expect from Google

The company will launch the third generation Made By Google smartphones, Pixel and a few other devices. But this year, there's no need to wait for Google's keynote for the phone's official reveal, as many people have received units already.

You'd be forgiven for stifling a yawn when Google announces the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

The Pixel 3 XL is a largeish phone with a notched display like the iPhone XS and OnePlus 6; the smaller Pixel 3 has no notch, but top and bottom bezels on the screen.

The picture above has been leaked recently and it shows us the design that Google Home Hub will have to offer. However, the main underline of the event will be the new Pixel 3 series which will comprise of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

How to watch the Google Pixel 3 event? They're also expected to feature a second front-facing camera for wider selfie angles - though some theorizing that it might be for an upgraded portrait feature or some type of Face ID-esque facial recognition. Let's have a look at what we can expect from the October 9 event from Google. Apart from running his own consulting firm.

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The round keys also match the icons on the Slate's screen, with Android apps alongside Chrome OS software. The regular Pixel 3 hardware will likely be similar. The new leak on the Pixel Slate has no information on its pricing. We still don't know the specs of either camera.

Just like always, The company is expected to launch a new smart home assistant and this year it might be called as Home Hub. Likewise previous Pixel 2 devices, the new generation Pixel 3 and 3 XL will feature a single camera module at the back, which could be a 12.2MP sensor. It showed a release date of October 9 - the same day as Google's upcoming event. It will also have a larger (compared to Pixel 2) 5.5-inch display, but the extra tall aspect ratio will ensure the smartphone's fairly easy to use with one hand.

This leak has an unusual story: According to Android Police - which first spotted the report on Reddit- a Best Buy customer was able to buy an unannounced and unreleased model of Google's Chromecast media streaming device a full nine days before Google's event.

These devices are expected to be packed with new features including a faster processor, longer battery life and improved displays.

The Pixel Slate comes with Chrome OS and supports the Google Pixelbook Pen.

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