Roberts asks federal judges to handle Kavanaugh complaints

Having endured a trial by fire as President Donald Trump's nominee Brett Kavanaugh won't have as much trouble blending in on the court Tuesday

Roberts asks federal judges to handle Kavanaugh complaints

The ethics complaints have still followed Kavanaugh, however, despite the Senate's 50-48 vote to confirm him Saturday after one of the ugliest, most contentious judicial confirmation processes ever.

"The Supreme Court is a team of nine". The judges may be forced to conclude "that intervening events have rendered the allegations moot or make remedial action impossible", said Arthur Hellman, an ethics professor at the University of Pittsburgh.

In a letter addressed to Judge Timothy M. Tymkovich, the chief circuit judge of the Denver-based 10th Circuit, Roberts said he had selected the court to review the identified complaints and "any pending or new complaints related to the same subject matter".

The first public word of the complaints came Saturday when D.C. Circuit Judge Karen Henderson acknowledged that complaints about Kavanaugh had been filed.

In an interview with the Washington Examiner, the president explained there are "amazing people" on his Supreme Court list, but he refused to abandon Judge Kavanaugh.

"The complaints do not pertain to any conduct in which Judge Kavanaugh engaged as a judge". They both stem from a hearing during the confirmation process to address sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh.

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Complaints made against judges are usually handled by the chief judge. It not clear who filed the others.

But Gillers said the complaints "may be found not to be meritorious in the end".

Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court fired the starting pistol for the final sprint to Election Day, with control of the House and Senate at stake.

This means that the complaints made against him are effectively confidential and can be dismissed without releasing the details of the complaints to the public.

The public nature of a case past year involving former 9th Circuit judge Alex Kozinski, who was accused of sexual misconduct, was unusual.

Roberts referred the case to the appeals court in New York City.

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