Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 could rock huge 6.66-inch display

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Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 could rock huge 6.66-inch display

The difference is not that significant since iPhone XS measures in at 6.46-inches and Galaxy Note 9 at 6.44-inches, but this is more than enough to get Samsung riled up.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will ship with a 6.66-inch display, at least according to a Korean publication "The Bell". Although it wouldn't be the biggest smartphone on the market, it will be slightly larger than Apple iPhone XS Max which packs a 6.5-inch screen. However, it says that since the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disaster, the company has extended the amount of time it spends developing phones from six months to one year. So, Samsung is preparing to make the Galaxy Note 10 display even larger than before. The Note 10 development started only last month.

Once upon a time, Samsung's Galaxy Note was ridiculed and doubted for the size of its screen. It is worth noting, though, that the Galaxy Note 10 will nearly certainly sport thinner bezels than its predecessor, as the company is expected to make some significant changes in the design departments next year, as the Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 are extremely similar in terms of the design.

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Samsung's Galaxy S10 Plus, expected to be unveiled in February next year, is said to feature a 6.44 inch display.

We're going to need bigger pockets. The phone's thickness will probably remain more or less the same as well, and as a reminder, the Galaxy Note 9 is 8.8mm thick. As the device's bezels will likely continue to decrease in size, it may not result in the phone's dimensions being that different.

What's the betting that the iPhone 11 Max has a 6.7-inch screen then soon after? With the Galaxy S9 Plus and Note 9, it has demonstrated that a high screen-to-body ratio could be achieved even without a notch.

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