Son in viral meme forgives mother for #HimToo tweet

Pieter Hanson's Facebook account

Pieter Hanson's Facebook account. News Navy mum’s tweet causes son global humiliation

"He graduated #1 in boot camp", she wrote in the tweet, which has since been deleted.

A Navy vet is speaking out after his mom accidentally turned him into a viral meme attacking the #MeToo movement. "Also Twitter, your meme game is on point", Hanson wrote. "I love my mom to death, but boy." he told the Washington Post.

On Saturday, a mom tweeting under the handle "BlueStarNavyMom3", sent out a tweet that seemed expertly crafted to embarrass her adult son.

Hanson is a 32-year-old Navy veteran who is now studying entrepreneurship at the University of Central Florida. The movement has more recently been seen by some as the antithesis of the #MeToo movement, suggesting in the wake of the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings that men are frequently victims of false sexual-assault accusations and that many accusers are liars.

Jon Hanson also said that his mother meant well and the original tweet was "just my mom trying to get my brother a girlfriend". She claimed her son avoided going on dates alone with women for fear of being falsely accused of sexual assault by "radical feminists with an axe to grind" and attached the hashtag #HimToo to the message.

Pieter Hanson, the son featured posing in his Navy uniform in the tweet, created an account in the early hours of Tuesday morning called @thatwasmymom.

"Because of the current climate", we are told about the dog, "he is afraid to date, approach women, or even go out at night without several friends as witnesses".

It all began with a post from a concerned U.S. mother on Twitter.

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"She had good intentions but I never expected this to go viral", he tweeted in one reply.

The mom was insinuating several sexual misconduct accusations against men are false.

'I never have and never will support #HimToo.

'He was awarded the USO (United Service Organizations) award.

Peter said of his mother's tweet: "I was dumbfounded when I saw it, but at the end of the day we all have insane parents". He was #1 in Army school.

Although Pieter was initially angry with his mother for posting something about him that is untrue, he said he holds no hard feelings.

As for why Pieter is still single, according to his brother Jon Hanson it's because he's busy being awesome. He doesn't go on solo dates with women because he doesn't know if they're alive or not.

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