Stephen Amell Reveals How the Arrowverse Crossover Begins

Stephen Amell Reveals How the Arrowverse Crossover Begins

Stephen Amell Reveals How the Arrowverse Crossover Begins

Officially unveiled by the CW today, here's your first look at Rose as Batwoman, ahead of her debut in this December's Arrow/Flash/Supergirlcrossover, Elseworlds.

Designed by Oscar victor Colleen Atwood, the fight-ready Batwoman costume features a winged cape, a red bat symbol across the chest, a utility belt, and, most striking of all, a red wig emerging from the traditional cowl. Once established, Batwoman will receive her own standalone series overseen by Greg Berlanti, and scripted by Caroline Dries.

Ruby Rose makes the flawless Batwoman.

This first look at Batwoman comes as the crossover begins shooting in Vancouver BC.

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Rose, whose casting was announced in August, joins The CW's DC Comics universe in December as a bunch of other ongoing series - Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl - come together in a crossover event.

In the photo, Rose rocks Kate Kane's signature red locks and channels her inner badass as she slips into the black-and-red Batwoman caped catsuit, featuring the bat insignia emblazoned on her chest, as she stands atop a roof against the backdrop of the evening night. And we don't know yet what Earth that Batwoman's Gotham City is set on, but with this crossover being Elseworlds-related, practically anything is possible.

In the comics, Kate Kane is a brilliant fighter and strategist, inspired by Batman and utilizing her training from the military academy that she attended as a young woman.

What are your first impressions of Rose's Batwoman look? And what are you hoping to see in DC's crossover events?

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