Theresa May pledges new funding to mark World Mental Health Day

President Buhari receives compendium

President Buhari receives compendium

In line with this year's theme for World Mental Health Day, Minister of Health Dwayne Seymour reminded Caymanians to pay special attention to the island's youth.

Elaine Peng, a mental health educator in the San Francisco Bay Area, made the remarks on World Mental Health Day, which is observed on October 10 every year, with the objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of the issue.

New mental health support teams will work with schools to ensure young people get the help they need.

Crisis Center of Birmingham: Mission is to serve the unmet needs of people experiencing personal crisis or mental health issues and respond with services that promote coping, emotional health and well-being.

"We aren't looking after our health if we aren't looking after our mental health". Some mental health issues require medication, hospitalization, talk-therapy or a various combination of all.

Separately, research by Deloitte suggests that up to five million people in the United Kingdom could have a mental health condition. New Laws on Mental Health in India: Everything You Want to Know About It!

Lady Gaga is shedding light on the stigma around suicide and mental health. "The quality of mental health services is routinely worse than the quality of those for physical health", says their report, launched at a global ministerial mental health summit in London. The same survey revealed that 26 percent of respondents were afraid of being categorised as mentally ill.

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Half of all mental illness begins by the age of 14, but most cases go undetected and untreated, according to the World Health Organization. If people are taking regular days off sick or more days off than usual, it could be a sign something more serious is going on.

Dr Sands suggested mental illness greatly increases the risk of contracting other serious medical conditions such as HIV, diabetes, and heart disease.

Young people - under the age of 35 - face the brunt of the global burden of mental illness.

Support networks are clearly crucial to improving a young person's mental health, but what role can schools play in supporting young people? "Without people there is no business, so workplaces should facilitate interpersonal connection - for example, break-out areas and dedicated collaboration spaces help to avoid feeling isolated, and voluntary work can be a powerful and satisfying activity that is dually beneficial". "But together we can change that".

She says, although today most people understand that mental illness is a medical condition, still the stigma stops people from seeking medical help.

"I will be urging the council to recognise not just the importance of World Mental Health Day, but also its implications - that in order to have a healthy, productive Peterborough, we need to invest in the wellbeing of our citizens, both at a local and national level".

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