Trump administration accelerates war drive against China

A letter carrier prepares mail for delivery at the United States Postal Service Joseph Curseen Jr. and Thomas Morris Jr. processing and distribution center in Washington D.C. US

Trump administration accelerates war drive against China

Mr. Trump made a decision to remove a 144-year-old postal agreement with the Chinese that allowed Chinese businesses to send small packages to the United States at a discounted rate. The discounted rate cost the Postal Service more than $170 million a year. The Universal Postal Union sets rates that national postal services charge for shipping small parcels to other countries.

President Donald Trump argues that the 144-year-old agreement benefits China and other countries at the expense of U.S. businesses - making it cheaper to ship packages from Beijing to NY than from San Francisco to the U.S. East coast, which particularly benefits Chinese manufacturers.

The U.S. could renegotiate the rates, but it will start the approximately year-long exit process from the UPU Wednesday, unnamed "senior officials" said according to USA Today.

The group said the discounts amount to a subsidy for Chinese shippers that cost the US Postal Service US$170 million past year.

The past two weeks since US Vice-President Mike Pence delivered his bellicose anti-China speech have confirmed that his remarks, carefully prepared in advance, signaled an escalation of the Trump administration's reckless confrontation with Beijing on all fronts-political, economic and military.

Trump isn't the first to see the possibility for economic mischief in postal rate disparities.

But some USA exporters have argued against withdrawing from the Universal Postal Union, fearing rates charged by foreign postal services could rise in retaliation and make their products less competitive overseas.

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"Manufacturers and manufacturing workers in the United States will greatly benefit from a modernized and far more fair arrangement with China", Jay Timmons, president of the manufacturers association, said in a statement. Webstainless offers free shipping to the U.S.

China says it regrets Washington's decision to leave the United Nations treaty that regulates global postage amid a worsening trade dispute between the world's top two economies.

USA officials said the administration sought to revise the treaty last month and was rebuffed by other nations, prompting the decision to withdraw.

Xin views the U.S.'s withdrawal as a means toward promoting "America First", a slogan used by several USA presidents, including Donald Trump, to encourage economic self-reliance and political noninterventionism.

Bolton singled out Chinese actions in the South China Sea and indicated that the U.S. and its allies, including Britain and Australia, were going to be engaged in freedom of navigation provocations to challenge Chinese maritime claims. The White House keep saying that tariffs applied to Chinese imports are a negotiating tactic, but the strategy looks more like an attempt to steal underwear for profit. People in the USA can buy ultra-cheap goods - like $4 bikinis, $29 camera drones and $1 spoons - directly from Chinese sellers and manufacturers through Wish, reported The Atlantic.

Years of big-ticket investment projects helped spur double-digit growth in China's gross domestic product, sending the country into position as the world's second-largest economy - trailing only the United States.

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