Twitter app adds data-saving feature to control bandwidth usage

Twitter data saver


Twitter has updated its mobile app for Android and iOS, adding a new Data Saver feature, TechCrunch reports. Twitter notably has already launched Twitter Lite, which does numerous data saving options natively, however the move to bring them to their mainstream app shows the option would be popular for all users.

Data-saving on Twitter until now meant installing Twitter Lite which is the stripped down version of the app.

Data Saver prevents videos from autoplaying and purposely loads lower-quality images. The app helps save the data but the experience is not quite same as with the main Twitter. The sole goal of the feature is to let customers take control of how much data the particular app consumes. Users would usually manually adjust the various settings just so they can save data. The font size is smaller, its lacks support for gestures, it has no navigation drawer and there is also no Night mode support. The feature comes as a part of an app update. However, If there is content you'd like to view at full quality, you can select the drop-down menu and select "Load High Quality". In addition to this, few minor changes have also been made in the app.

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Even if you aren't anxious about data limits it sounds as though Data Saver is a feature worth turning on.

With the return of timeline feed and now data saving, will Twitter regain the popularity of time gone by? The latter still takes less space on your phone, is faster than the normal Twitter, and is any day a better option for those who don't want to spend too much mobile data.

Because of ongoing Beta testing, some iOS and Android Twitter app users might have already seen the option.

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