Air India Drunk Pilot Sacked From Exec Position

Air India

Air India Drunk Pilot Sacked From Exec Position

Apparently, the Irishwoman was already drunk to the core which prompted the crew to deny her request.

The woman, a foreigner allegedly manhandled a cabin crew member in an inebriated state, prompting the airline to file a police case, the official said.

O'Broin was traveling from Mumbai to London on Saturday, and video of the incident was first posted online on Tuesday, leading to widespread media coverage and the discovery of the woman's identity. In a video clip recorded by a cabin crew member, the woman can be heard using expletives several times.

A drunk Irish woman on an Air India flight was arrested upon arrival at the London's Heathrow airport for manhandling flight crew members and creating ruckus in the Air India Mumbai-London flight.

In the video, the woman, who is reportedly an Irish national, claims she is a lawyer and threatens the staff with legal action. I'm a f--ing global criminal lawyer and a barrister.

'Do you understand me? "If I say boycott Air India, done!" "But you won't give me a glass of wine", the woman shouts.

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WARNING: Clip contains extremely graphic language.

She is heard demanding a glass of wine while shouting, "I am a human rights lawyer". She expressed disbelief that they didn't have the balls to "stand up to the injustice" of not being served more wine while in business class, and lashed out when one woman urged her to sit down because she was "pathetic." .

On Saturday, business class passenger Simone O'Broin became irate on her flight when the crew stopped serving her alcohol. "All you have to do is give me a f**king drink but couldn't do that could you?"

Dealing with unruly passengers and the tantrums that come along, can be one of the toughest situations faced by a flight crew.

"You think I am scared?" she questioned, in an apparent response to being told by the flight crew that the police would be informed about her behaviour once the plane landed in London.

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