AWS first major cloud provider to sell ARM servers as a service

AWS first major cloud provider to sell ARM servers as a service

AWS first major cloud provider to sell ARM servers as a service

They are starting with two ground stations today as they launch the service, but plan to expand it to 12 by the middle of next year.

"Together, AWS and Lockheed Martin are providing satellite operators increased flexibility, resiliency, and scale in a complete connectivity solution, ground architecture, and cloud environment for integrated satellite and data management operations", said Rick Ambrose, Executive Vice President of Lockheed Martin Space.

Jassy said customers can save up to 80% of their ground station costs by paying for antenna access time on demand, and they can rely on AWS's global footprint of ground stations to downlink data when and where they need it.

Immediate data processing: AWS Ground Station provides satellite antennae in close proximity to a dozen AWS infrastructure regions, offering low latency and low-cost access to AWS services to store and process data. 8K Miles' proven capability, customer commitment, and market leadership through demonstrated AWS deployment success are the key milestones for this accomplishment.

USA e-commerce leader Amazon's subsidiary Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Tuesday introduced four services and capabilities to make it easier to ingest data from edge devices and build rich Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

According to AWS, customers can use AWS Ground Station on an as-needed, pay-as-you-go basis.

AWS CEO Andy Jassy pointed out that they hadn't really considered a service like this until they had customers asking for it. "Customers said that we have so much data in space with so many applications that want to use that data". "Not what you expected", was how he concluded the first announcement of a very niche Ground Station-as-a-service solution for the satellite industry.

Successful Landing of NASA’s InSight on Mars Start of Two-Year Exploration
NASA will use radio telescopes in Green Bank, West Virginia and also in Germany to listen out for radio signals from InSight. The MarCOs have also supported scientific exploration at Mars, even though they do not carry any scientific equipment.

Customers and partners involved in the Ground Station preview included Lockheed Martin, Open Cosmos, HawkEye360 and DigitalGlobe, among others.

Lockheed Martin predicts that there will be 16,000 satellites in the sky over the next decade.

Furthermore, customers would need antennas in multiple countries to download data as ground stations need to wait for a satellite to pass over the desired location before being able to downlink.

"With this new system, the image will be crystal clear and this will be crucial for application in autonomous vehicles", Scott said. This covers AWS' GovCloud and Secret Regions across almost every data classification.

Lockheed Martin's Verge, or Virtual Resilient Ground, is a cloud-based service for satellite ground control, using a compact, low cost antenna network.

One of the use cases highlighted for the new satellite service was for when natural disasters strike. The company says general availability and expansion to the higher frequency X-band will be announced in the future.

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