CNN sues Trump amid row over reporter Jim Acosta

A White House staff member reaches for the microphone held by CNN's Jim Acosta as he questions US President Donald Trump during a news conference following Tuesday's midterm US congressional elections at the White House in Washington on Wednesday. (Reuter

CNN sues Trump amid row over reporter Jim Acosta

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway asserted Sunday that a "sped-up" video is not the same as an "altered" video, while defending the White House's use of an altered video of a hand motion made by CNN reporter Jim Acosta in order to justify suspending his press pass.

Press secretary Sarah Huckerbee Sanders said access was removed because he had put "his hands on a young woman".

Sanders tweeted the doctored video in defense of Acosta's White House press pass being revoked, and Colbert believes she should be held accountable.

The Associated Press got the video assessed by an independent video producer Abba Shapiro.

Ryan became a CNN contributor a year ago. But it is unclear as to why Ms. Sanders, the Press Secretary of White House, chose to post a poor-quality video in her defence when she has access to video recordings of better quality. Acosta asked a question. But that would make them look like they're at war with the president, just as he always says they are. "But it could be others also", Trump told reporters. "The president of the United States should not be in the business of arbitrarily picking the men and women who cover him". "You ask a lot of stupid questions".

Yes and it seems pretty innocuous to me, I think.

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The entire episode exposed the frightful relationship that exists between the mostly liberal media and President Trump. As the Society of Professional Journalists warns, "injecting oneself into the story or creating news events for coverage is not objective reporting, and it ultimately calls into question the ability of a journalist to be independent, which can damage credibility".

CNN filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the Trump administration last week following a clash between in-house reporter Jim Acosta and the President. But he said there could be others. Fortunately, his press credentials have now been revoked and he should never again be allowed into the White House during the Trump presidency. "This is a very special place".

"The White House can not run an orderly and fair press conference when a reporter acts this way, which is neither appropriate nor professional", Sanders said. Trump added, "The way you treat Sarah Huckabee is disgusting".

Olivier Knox, president of the White House Correspondents Association, said his organization's board met Thursday with Sanders and White House communications director Bill Shine for what it expected to be a series of conversations about Acosta's status.

Responding to questions about his encounter with CNN's Jim Acosta during a press conference on Wednesday, Trump directly ridiculed both Acosta and journalist April Ryan.

He tweeted a photo of himself standing in front of the Eiffel Tower early today.

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