Facebook Messenger's new Unsend messages option gets confirmed

Delete that drunk Facebook text to your ex if you catch it in time

Delete that drunk Facebook text to your ex if you catch it

We did so in full compliance with our legal obligations to preserve messages."Today, Verge discovered the same feature will be implemented for the rest of Facebook's users". You'll only have 10 minutes to redact that silly photo or drunken confession you just sent to the wrong person.

Hopefully this means we can all avoid a few embarrassing moments in the future, especially if you catch the erroneously sent message right away. The bad news is that you'll only get 10 minutes after sending a message to delete it.

"Coming soon: Remove a message from a chat thread after it's been sent".

A new "Unsend" feature will be included in version 191.0 of the iOS Messenger app, according to the release notes for the update.

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One of Gmail's best features is the ability to unsend emails.

Facebook Messenger is going to add the Unsend feature in an upcoming update.

Compared to Facebook other messaging application, you'll actually have significantly less time to delete a sent message in Facebook's flagship Messenger app. WhatsApp users are now afforded just over one hour to remove a message from both users' inbox. So don't forget to double-check your messages-and keep your thumb as far away from the "send" button as possible-before sending something you might regret. It doesn't actually send the email until it passes that buffer time.

In April, the social media site secretly deleted messages Zuckerberg sent on the app as a measure of security. Both apps are owned by Facebook.

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