Fox News Sides With CNN on Jim Acosta-Trump Flap

Bob Woodward

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Two main claims are alleged. The First Amendment is not served when a single reporter, of more than 150 present, attempts to monopolize the floor.

CNN filed a lawsuit Tuesday arguing Mr. Acosta's First Amendment press rights and his Fifth Amendment due process rights were violated by the pass revocation.

Not only did Wallace write of his networks support for CNN's case he also admonished President Donald Trump in his behavior towards the press. He answered questions, and to no one's surprise, Acosta chose to pick a fight over the president describing the illegal alien caravan heading toward our southern border as an "invasion". Acosta told the president that it was not an invasion and that Trump knew it, but chose to demonize immigrants. "And where, as here, the White House has determined that it wants to scale back its interactions with a particular journalist, denying that journalist a hard pass is a permissible way to accomplish that goal".

This tweet was in reference to the White House's claim that Acosta had placed his hands on a female intern who was trying to remove the microphone from his hand.

He spoke forcefully against Trump's action. He held the mic close to his body with his right hand while using his left to block and move her arm so that she didn't grasp the mic. "Trump would sit around and look at this and say, 'This is great'". He then pointed to Acosta and pointedly said, again, "that's enough - put down the mic".

"It would be bad for the public, and for our democracy, if reporters questioning the president had to operate under an ever-present threat of this kind of retaliation", Jaffer said. "You are are a rude, awful person". Kurtz believes that people who do not support Acosta's journalistic methods are now, nonetheless, standing behind the CNN reporter as a result of the White House revoking his access. Media outlets jealously guard their prerogatives - and White House access is the lifeblood of their business.

Forty years later, a court will be considering constitutionally protected press freedoms.

"Honestly, I think you should let me run the country and you run CNN", the president said. Is it so plain to see?

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CNN filed suit against the president and several of his aides.

CNN and others came to Fox News's defence in 2009, when the Obama administration froze the cable network out of interviews with key officials. But the rest? There's no there, there.

Trump trashes CNN loudly and often, did not need to call on Acosta, and could simply have ignored him that day and during any other presser.

Both CNN and Acosta are plaintiffs.

"I think that it was the wrong decision for the White House to revoke his hard pass because it only draws more attention, it seems extreme and it also makes Acosta a hero to his base", she explained. That case involved an applicant for a press pass. Secret Service passes for working White House journalists should never be weaponized. This was not the first time this reporter has inappropriately refused to yield to other reporters. "Reporters should be able to go to the White House and cover presidents without fear of reprisal".

He is representing CNN along with another prominent outside lawyer, Theodore Boutrous, and CNN's chief counsel, David Vigilante. They are among the finest advocates in the country.

Judge Timothy J. Kelly, a Trump appointee, has scheduled a hearing at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday.

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