In the Network of "leaked" photos of the BMW 8-Series

In the Network of

In the Network of "leaked" photos of the BMW 8-Series

Topline: Hitting dealerships March 2019 is the drop-top version of BMW's new 8 Series grand tourer.

One of them is the 390 kW (530 hp), 750 Nm (553 lb-ft), 4.4-liter petrol V8 that animates the BMW M850i xDrive Convertible, while the other presents itself as a 3-liter inline-six diesel unit making 235 kW (320 hp) and 680 Nm (501 lb-ft).

The 1955kg 840d xDrive can crack 0-62mph in 5.2sec, the 2055kg M850i xDrive in 3.9sec, and both have a limited top speed of 155mph.

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The 8 Series Convertible uses a soft-top roof that can be opened and closed in 15 seconds at speeds of up to 31mph.

The BMW 8-Series Convertible actually has a useful boot. Practicality isn't something normally found in a convertible but here the rear seats have a 50:50 split design, which is handy if you need to carry extra gear. BMW also made several small tweaks to maintain reliability and efficiency, including using a stronger type of aluminum alloy for the block, wire-arc-sprayed iron coatings on the cylinder walls, Grafal-coated pistons, high-flow intake ports, and a viscous damper on the crankshaft. Electronically controlled dampers continuously change compression and rebound based on the driving circumstances to maximize either comfort or sporty driving. And just like the coupe, the convertible too is a handsome lad. Concerning safety for open-top cars, BMW developed a rollover protection system.

Air vents are integrated into the seats, just below the head rests - like Mercedes-Benz's Airscarf system - allowing warm air to circulate around the back of your neck, which is a godsend on brisk days when you still want to drive with the top down.In addition to the wind in your hair, putting the top down gives you better access to the raucous V8 soundtrack. When the vehicle detects a rollover, the system can extend two aluminum roll bars from behind the rear headrests in a fraction of a second. A 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster sits right in front of the driver, and a huge, color head-up display projects important information right onto the windshield. In comparison, the hardtop will go on sale in December starting at $111,900 before destination.

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