Judge Denies Scott’s Request to Impound Broward Voting Equipment

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Judge Denies Scott’s Request to Impound Broward Voting Equipment

Florida Governor Rick Scott, the GOP candidate running to unseat incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson, will reportedly recuse himself from overseeing the results of his own election.

"No statute and no rule that the court could find addresses the situation which Supervisor Bucher faces here: how to timely complete the machine and manual recounts in four different contests with machines that can only do a recount of one contest at a time, when the statutory time seems to anticipate at most a recount in a single contest", Gievers wrote. Both Nelson, whose efforts have been steered by lawyer Marc Elias, and the campaign of his opponent, Republican Gov. Rick Scott, are increasingly turning to the courts in an effort to shape a broader fight over the scope of the count and, eventually, final recount. Nelson wants that timeline extended so that the count includes any mail-in ballots received up to 10 days after the Election, the current cutoff for ballots mailed from outside the U.S. Nelson has also filed a second lawsuit challenging the state's decision to invalidate certain mail-in and provisional ballots on which the voter's signature does not match the one that appears in state voter registration records. That is about five days after the original 3 p.m. November 15 deadline, reported the Daily Commercial on November 13. The deadline for the results of the machine recount is Thursday.

White House spokeswoman Mercedes Schlapp said Tuesday the president "obviously has his opinion" on the recount. It was unclear what he was referring to.

Presidents have historically sought to rise above the heated partisan drama surrounding election irregularities.

She said she had not spoken with Trump. We need to be careful of what we say.

Mr Scott has filed a number of lawsuits over the recounts amid ongoing election drama echoing Florida's dramatic role in the 2000 United States presidential vote recount. But the machine recount is showing the race is much tighter than first thought and so it's likely to push the process to its next stage - a hand recount. In the Senate race, Scott's lead over Nelson was 0.14 percentage points.

In the governor's race, Republican Ron DeSantis was ahead of Democrat Andrew Gillum by 0.41 percent.

Election administrators are racing against the clock to machine-recount ballots ahead of a Thursday deadline to present their findings, with numerous state's 67 counties beginning the task Sunday.

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On Nov. 12, a Broward judge denied Scott's request to impound voting machines when they are not being used in the recount, though he did call for adding more sheriff's deputies.

In 2003 Bush appointed her to the supervisor's position after her predecessor, Miriam Oliphant, was removed from office because of numerous problems in the 2002 primary election.

The case for deadline extension in Palm Beach County was moved to federal court Tuesday, following a motion by attorneys for Secretary of State Ken Detzner.

"Disenfranchisement shows up with the president of the United States, the sitting governor of the state of Florida, the junior senator of the United States from the state of Florida when they take to Twitter, and Facebook and ... accuse the supervisor of elections, or an entire county for that matter, of fraud, of stuffing the ballot box, of doing everything they could do manipulate the outcome of the election without a shred of evidence". "I don't know why we get a bigger spotlight than some".

Bay County revealed Monday that it had allowed some hurricane-displaced voters to cast their ballots by email - a violation of state law.

Griffin's team started the recount Saturday, after it was ordered Friday.

Ion Sancho, who recently retired as an elections supervisor in northern Florida after three decades said of the Broward elections office: "There's nothing criminal going on here". "If 66 of 67 counties are able to complete the deadline, should they all be held up?"

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