Pacific Leaders push Climate Change and its Impact to APEC Leaders

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Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives for a family

Elsewhere on the Brexit docket, the EU's lead Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, floated the idea over the weekend of pushing out the final Brexit date to December of 2022 with the United Kingdom spinning its wheels in the dirt and making little progress, a move that would surely draw even further anger from pro-leavers within the Tories' Brexiteer ranks.

"The fact that this APEC summit has not been able to produce a communique, has not been able to produce a common position that all the leaders can agree to, is pretty dramatic".

In Thursday's meeting, APEC ministers adopted new guidelines on the quality of infrastructure development and investment, with all 21 economies - including China - agreeing to take into consideration recipients' ability to pay back loans for such funding.

"And we shouldn't be pretending that they do".

In the meetings, the President "actively engaged in important discussions and advanced our country's priorities in what we consider as the most important economic cooperation platform in the world", Panelo said.

Trump has not traveled to the South Pacific island nation, sending Pence instead.

A separate statement from his office said other countries are welcome to join the electrification initiative provided they support the United States vision of a free and open Pacific.

China is now the second-biggest aid donor to the region behind Australia, rising from almost nothing a decade ago.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and China's President Xi Jinping traded barbs in speeches on Saturday.

Such divisive comments did not necessarily go down well. It shows just how guilty China's president must feel that he assumed this phrase referred to him.

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China's spending in Papua New Guinea is glaring, with roads, buildings and bus stops bearing the Chinese Government's insignia. "Those matters can be raised at the World Trade Organisation". Abel, who is also deputy prime minister, added he felt Pence came across as a little too aggressive.

"We have to watch how the situation unfolds", he said.

Sri Lanka formally handed over commercial activities in its main southern port of Hambantota to a Chinese company last December as part of a plan to convert $6 billion of loans that Sri Lanka owed China into equity.

Vanuatu on Monday confirmed it had also signed up to "Belt and Road".

"China has taken advantage of the United States for many, many years and those days are over", Pence told the gathering in Port Moresby.

On Sunday, Australia, the US, New Zealand and Japan announced they would pour millions of dollars every year into an ambitious effort to bring electricity to 70 per cent of people in Papua New Guinea.

CNN, which ran several articles over the weekend declaring APEC a surprising disappointment for China, found APEC members unhappy with China's use of "sharp power" - Beijing's unique tactic of using economic muscle to force foreign companies to comply with the Communist Party's agenda, a brand of compulsion halfway between the "hard power" of military might and the "soft power" of diplomacy. "It's remarkable to think of the impact this will have on people's lives across this nation".

Climate change featured in Xi's bilateral meetings with Pacific countries, which are concerned by Washington's withdrawal from the Paris climate accord and Australia's soft pedalling on the issue.

Davidson said the islands and the armaments on them give Beijing "the potential to exert national control over global waters and airspace through which over $3 trillion in goods travel every year, along with commercial air traffic". "You know what will happen".

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