Rockets "parting ways" with 10-time All-Star Carmelo Anthony


Rockets "parting ways" with 10-time All-Star Carmelo Anthony

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green said Thursday, November 15 (Friday, November 16, Manila time), he had settled his differences with teammate Kevin Durant and warned that the National Basketball Association champions would not "crumble" over their recent locker-room strife.

That might be true for THIS season. but Klay Thompson AND K.D. are free agents this summer - and even Draymond couldn't guarantee their future with the team after that. You know, sometimes it gets the best of me and it don't work in my favor.I'm gonna live with that, because it works to my favor to the good as my resume speaks and to this team's resume speaks. "It's no secret I am an emotional player, I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I play with those same emotions".

There was only a bag and a couple of sneakers left in what used to be Anthony's locker. The Rockets got 3-pointers from James Ennis and Isaiah Hartenstein to cap the run. It was 76-63 headed to the fourth. "And the way we play probably wasn't conducive to his game and he was trying to make the necessary sacrifices and it wasn't fair to him as a Hall of Fame player to play in a way that wasn't good for him, wasn't good for us".

Warriors: Curry was with the Warriors on the trip but it's unclear when he'll return.

"We're banged up a little bit physically and right now we're banged up spiritually", Kerr told reporters after the game.

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"We're not gonna crumble off an argument".

"I apologize for ruining your stories but if this only makes Kevin, myself and the rest of my teammates stronger, then that's what it's going to be. He hasn't had that.".

Sources from the team said Carmelo had been out for the last two games from an "illness". Kevon Looney scored a season-high 12 points. Ennis finished with 19 points and Eric Gordon had 17 off the bench.

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski added that Houston will keep Anthony on its roster for the time being as it is the best course of action - injuries and trades could allow an opportunity elsewhere for Anthony to open up in due time. "So wherever that is or whatever's next he's going to figure it out".

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