Story ends for Marvel creator Stan Lee

Story ends for Marvel creator Stan Lee

Story ends for Marvel creator Stan Lee

Legendary comic book writer Stan Lee has died at the age 95.

Lee died Sunday night Pacific time at a Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, an attorney for Lee's daughter told CNN.

The cause of Lee's death is not known, but earlier this year it was revealed that he was fighting a bout of pneumonia.

Lee's stories did more than bring Spider-Man, Thor, The X-Men, Iron Man and so many others to life.

Lee began his career as a comic-book writer, editor, film executive producer, actor, and publisher, in 1935, and has created or co-created some of the most famous comic book characters - and later on-screen heroes - that are still loved by millions today.

"I never thought that Spider-Man would become the worldwide icon that he is".

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Numerous characters were developed for television with varying degrees of success.

"He was able to build interconnectedness with the comic books and the characters, and that laid a web, if you will, for the films", she said.

All around the internet, memories and incredible words were shared for Stan Lee and Marvel Comics and the Walt Disney released a joint statement in honor of Lee's legacy and impact on their companies and the world. Since then, Lee's relationship with Marvel has gone much more smoothly. According to Bank Rate, Lee's massive wealth was painstakingly built after he worked tirelessly to transform a small publishing house into a giant multimedia corporation.

He also revealed that every female character he ever created and wrote was based on his beloved wife Joan, a British-born model who ended up doing voice acting. "So from now on, I want you to remember that", he said in a 2012 YouTube video. After a worldwide box office of almost $18 billon and Captain Marvel poised to be released next spring, Disney's big bucks acquisition of Fox's film properties this year, sees the previously pre-Disney licensed X-Men plus Spidey himself and more look to swing over the cinematic rooftops anew in the not too distant future.

While giving us such wonderful characters and worlds, Lee was also a big believer in giving back.

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