Trump Claims That He Has Regrets About His ‘Tone’ During His Presidency

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Polls show Democrats have a strong chance of retaking the House on Tuesday, but they shouldn't open the champagne yet-even if they do win, it could take weeks to be confirmed, according to a New York Times analysis. With the district having almost the same number of Democratic and Republican voters enrolled, it's uncertain which Democrat Clyde Parker or Republican Joseph DeStefano will prevail, although DeStefano also has the Conservative, Independence and Reform party lines. That's unlikely, by all accounts, because the map is so friendly for the GOP.

Rasmussen observed that some analysts "before and after Donald Trump's upset victory suggested that most pollsters missed his hidden support among voters fearful of criticism who were unwilling to say where they stood".

'If the 30 races in Toss Up were to break evenly, Democrats would score a net gain of 30 seats.

Eric Cantor came to power as the Republican majority leader when Republicans took over the House after President Barack Obama's first midterm in 2010 thanks to the Tea Party.

At stake are all 435 U.S. House seats, 35 Senate seats and 36 state governorships - and Mr. Trump's ability to keep his agenda on track.

In Pittsburgh, where residents just finished burying those gunned down at the Tree of Life synagogue, some voters saw their Election Day decisions as a way to send a message that the country is headed down a dark and risky path. If the map were anywhere close to neutral, and the environment were as it is, Democrats would be virtually guaranteed a House takeover right now.

The other scenario that forecasters countenance is one in which Democratic voters turn out not to have been as motivated as they seemed, or Republican voters turn out to be more motivated.

However, the Democrats are expected to fall short of the two seats they need to win control of the Senate. To win control, the Democrats must hang on to all their existing seats and win two more.

"What the President might say, or tweet, or attribute this blue wave to ..."

As in 2016, Democrats are more outspoken about how they're going to vote in the upcoming elections than Republicans and unaffiliated voters are, Rasmussen found.

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Anxious Republicans privately expressed confidence in their narrow Senate majority but feared the House was slipping away.

And in the Senate more than a third of seats are there for the taking. Heidi Heitkamp, a Democrat, in North Dakota. But significantly, 20% of these voters remain undecided or prefer someone other than the Republican or Democratic candidates. Compare that with 78 percent of Republican men who are registered voters. Bloomberg photo by Aaron P. Bernstein.

"The biggest worry for the White House in terms of re-election is making sure they have a Republican governor in Florida and OH because it just makes organizing those states all the easier", he said. They accuse the party of being too timid, too afraid of alienating moderate voters.

The president spent Monday barnstorming the Midwest on behalf of allies in close races, drawing loud and enthusiastic crowds of thousands. Looking exclusively at Trump's approval rating, you would expect them to win up to 41, but allowance needs to be made for the Republicans' recent gerrymandering of district boundaries, which should help them hang on to around five seats that would otherwise flip. They're going to expect a Democratic majority to implement and execute on 'Medicare-for-all, ' " he says. A vindicated Trump may double down on those divisive politics at home.

Ronna McDaniel, head of the Republican National Committee, said on ABC's "This Week" program that the media had chosen to focus on Trump's immigration rhetoric but the president was also emphasizing economic and job gains under his presidency.

Primary contests filled the Democratic roster with a new generation of candidates, including several minority candidates who could make history in their races. It could result in states such as Nevada or even Arizona staying under GOP control and deliver states like Florida, Indiana, Missouri and Montana. It wouldn't necessarily be a resounding affirmation of Trump - these are only red states the GOP would be winning - but it would lead to some real, justified soul-searching.

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Republicans maintaining control of the House is well within the margin of error as the CNN forecaster Harry Enten judges it, with a 12.5% chance of happening, as FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver sees it.

What it would mean: The same as above - chaos - except less specifically partisan.

He said "a lot of things can happen" if the two parties could find a way to work together.

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