Trump, Pelosi talk about getting along - until they don't

Minorities LGBT make history in 2018 midterms

Trump, Pelosi talk about getting along - until they don't

That result now means the Democrats will now head the House of Committees that can probe Trump's tax returns, which the president has refused to hand over since he became a candidate.

No sooner had Trump announced that Whitaker was in charge at Justice, than rank and file House Democrats began setting off alarm bells, saying that is was a clear attempt to shackle Mueller's investigation.

With the Republicans keeping control of the Senate, the outcome in the House could mean gridlock for Trump's agenda on Capitol Hill - or, conversely, it could open a new era of deal-making. He cited "questionable things" done by Democrats, including "leaks of classified information".

But control of the Senate ensures Mr Trump can still make key appointments.

The president crowed that Republicans held control of the Senate and then took aim at members of the House, where the GOP lost.

Rep. Mike Coffman in Colorado blames his loss on resentment toward Trump in his Denver-area district.

A bad midterm does not correlate to a bad chance at re-electing the president.

I think, yes. But the thing to note about the Republican caucus is it was already becoming much more ideologically homogenous.

Mr Trump went on to say he's happy with "most" of his Cabinet, suggesting more changes may be coming and that he is "looking at different people for different positions", adding that "it is very common after the midterms".

The senior fellow also spoke about internal opposition in the Republican Party towards President Trump.

"Mike, will you be my running mate?" Yet Trump has said he would support increased legal migration to attract immigrants with the sort of skills the United States can gainfully employ.

An opponent to Pelosi's bid has yet to officially emerge, but on Tuesday night, Rep. Tim Ryan, Democrat of OH, said, "a lot of people will be surprised about who is thinking about doing something". "So, this is something that I feel all of my experience is geared to".

President Donald Trump, emboldened by Republican election wins in the Senate and scornful of GOP candidates he felt didn't sufficiently embrace his support, delivered a stark warning to the new Democratic House majority on Wednesday: Investigate me, and I'll investigate you - and the government will grind to a halt.

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As evidence, the magazine explained that the Democrats will likely push for more investigations into so-called Russian meddling into the 2016 elections, with both parties also "likely to push for more sanctions against Moscow - for everything from its involvement in Ukraine and Syria to its poisoning of a former Russian spy".

Despite his party's poor showing in House elections, Mr Trump wrote on Twitter: "Tremendous success tonight".

The campaigns of Reps. -elect Abigail Spanberger and Jason Crow have also said they will not vote for the California Democrat as House speaker.

"I suspect that when we look back at this period 20 or 30 years from now, that will be a trend that will emerge from the noise", Noel said, before cautioning that it was still too early to say exactly how significant the shift is or how long it will last.

Prospects have improved for Congress to pass a bipartisan farm bill before the end of the year after Democrats secured the House majority during the midterm elections, a key lawmaker and other experts said.

Republicans defeated Democratic senators in several states won by Trump in 2016 - Florida, Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota.

That the Democrats have not won an even larger share of seats in Congress is largely due to gerrymandering, which gives Republicans a built-in advantage in the House.

Progressive Democratic candidates in more competitive districts - like Dana Balter in New York's 24th district, Randy Bryce in Wisconsin's 1st district, and Kara Eastman in Nebraska's 2nd district - all lost to Republicans on Tuesday.

Most worryingly of all, the voters they motivate seem impervious to recognizing - or simply do not care about - the broader threat to American values and democracy that the Republican party of today represents.

And should President Trump be anxious about his chances for re-election in 2020? Almost every House seat it lost was in these areas.

"The economy is definitely going to be more vulnerable about a year from now", she said.

Even amid sizable gains for Democrats on Tuesday, Republicans' strong appeal among rural populations - who are more likely to be white, working class and not college educated compared to the rest of the country - is largely untouched. At the Hilton DoubleTree Resort, music blared from the hall and smiles were etched on faces. He promised at his Senate confirmation hearing to uphold the IRS' political independence from the White House.

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