UFOs spotted near Irish coast, sighting under investigation

Pilot flying airplane in cockpit

What on Earth was that? Getty

But this week, the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) launched an investigation after two pilots reported unidentified objects close to passenger planes.

Shannon Air Traffic Control received a call from a British Airways pilot flying from Montreal to Heathrow over County Kerry at 6.47am on 9 November.

The exchange began when one pilot asked Shannon air traffic control if there was nearby military activity. The air traffic control soon clarified that there were no such exercises going on.

The Virgin flight was heading to Manchester when a pilot saw the lights.

While objects regularly enter the earth's atmosphere, and some are quite spectacular looking if they make it to lower altitudes, they do not fly up alongside aircraft, make hard lateral maneuvers, and then accelerate away at high speed.

He said that one of the pilots had actually suggested it was a fireball.

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A spokesman for the Irish Aviation Authority confirmed to TIME it was investigating the incident, saying the confidential process would involve talking to all pilots involved.

"It was moving so fast", she said, according to the Guardian. A Virgin Airlines pilot said he had made a similar observation, having spotted "two bright lights" over his right side. "Very bright from where we were".

A third pilot added: "Glad it wasn't just me".

Shannon ATC: "Speedbird 94?"

Airlive says a third pilot also saw the freakish lights and that the Irish Aviation Authority has filed a report with the sightings due to be "investigated under the normal confidential occurrence investigation process". Listen to the audio clip above (below the picture) for the exchange, which starts just before the 18 minute mark.

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