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People aren’t happy about the star featuring at the expense of You Tubers

People aren’t happy about the star featuring at the expense of You Tubers

The annual wince festival, YouTube Rewind, which showcases all of the "best" moments and biggest trends of YouTube from the past year, has been and gone once again.

YouTube Rewind 2018 is upon us and once again people are not happy.

Unlike many popular yearly roundups, the YouTube Rewind video is inclusive to countries outside of the United States and pays homage to the viral videos, artists and creators of many countries around the world. For a sense of scale, Rewind has been viewed over 1 billion times since 2012, and the 2016 and 2017 editions were each viewed over 200 million times.

I write about drag queens. But were they in YouTube rewind?

YouTube Rewind 2018 was pure hot garbage.

Few can argue that when it comes to the most critically-acclaimed TV shows of 2018, YouTube Premium's Cobra Kai is one of the best around. Last year's clip was viewed more than 200 million times, and the newest installment, created again by digital content studio Portal A, is off to a tire-squealing start with almost 5 million views in its first two hours.

Bournemouth 0-4 Liverpool
Liverpool FC will be hoping that Manchester City drop points against Chelsea FC on Saturday as the title race begins to hot up. Victory for Liverpool would take them, temporarily at least, back to the top of the Premier League.

An emotional video from popular YouTube vloggers Liza Koshy and David Dobrik gets the number two spot on the Youtube Rewind list.

Billed by the participants as "the biggest YouTube event in history", there's no denying that this fight dominated headlines this year. This is up from previous year, when half of the top 10 videos were locally produced.

However, many users noted that the Infinite Warfare trailer was far from the most disliked video on the platform; instead, Justin Bieber's infamous "Baby" music video has taken that title, with well over nine million dislikes.

The inclusion of Will Smith at the start and end of the video has angered some people, who feel (despite him having a channel of his own) that he is taking the place of a "real" YouTuber.

Though YouTube said its content creators "controlled" the direction of its roundup, the platform's community largely-and vehemently-disagrees.

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