Anthem: how to get into the closed alpha

Anthem: how to get into the closed alpha

Anthem: how to get into the closed alpha

As outlined on EA's website, the test will be quite brief-it'll run from December 8-9, though it'll be available on all three of the game's platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The alpha is an opportunity to get an early look at how Anthem is shaping up, but EA warned that it might be a bumpy experience, as it will "be adjusting things like matchmaking and server load on the fly".

Sign-ups are now live, and you can register your interest here. That's next weekend, in case you hadn't guessed by now, though EA stresses that not everyone who signs up for the playtest will be guaranteed entry into all (or indeed any) of the scheduled sessions. Then you can note down which device you'll test the game with - you can only choose one, so choose wisely.

The publisher says that there will be several play sessions over the two days, so access won't be available all the time - you'll have to wait for an allotted play time. "All of these factors combined mean that we're making access to our Playtests limited, which is where the "closed" part of the name comes from". You can sign up to participate, but this doesn't mean you will get in.

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If you're in, you'll see a confirmation on the Community Playtesting site and you'll get an email from them letting you know how to download the Anthem Closed Alpha game client.

We've already signed up ourselves, and will keep you updated if BioWare and EA decide to open up the Closed Alpha to even more players in future.

EA has announced that Anthem is coming to Alpha soon.

Registration is on a "first come first served basis", according to EA.

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