Apple Is Now Selling Clear $39 iPhone Xr Cases

Apple Is Now Selling Clear $39 iPhone Xr Cases

Apple Is Now Selling Clear $39 iPhone Xr Cases

And the site has rated iPhone XR, which was the only single-lens camera phone in Apple's 2018 iPhone lineup, as the best best single-lens camera phone in 2018, beating the mighty Google Pixel 2. Things didn't improve with the Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 7.

In the latest watchOS 5.1.2 beta 2, a new icon has been discovered. If that's Apple's plan, then we could see this case announced and on shelves in a matter of days - after all, Apple will want to have this available in time for people to buy it as a gift.

If you are an iPhone user and your battery drains out way faster than the usual rate after using for more than one year, here's your last chance to fix it at a discounted price - Apple's battery replacement programme at $29 (around Rs 2000) is set to end on December 31. Until today, the 18W charger was only available in the box with a new iPad Pro.

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While we'll likely never have a firm grasp on how iPhone XR sales stack up in light of Apple's reluctance to divulge iPhone unit sales, a new survey from UBS reveals that overall interest in iPhone upgrades is at a five-year low.

The Smart Battery Case icon reveals the camera in a vertical orientation, which is different than the previous icon.

Apple has finally started selling its first official iPhone XR case, more than a month after the handset made its debut. However, it does not feature a huge chin at the bottom. Sign up on your new iPhone with just a few clicks. There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned in for more details on the matter. Share your views on the new Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XS and other models.

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