Awesome Tale Of The New York Proposal And The Lost Engagement Ring

Awesome Tale Of The New York Proposal And The Lost Engagement Ring

Awesome Tale Of The New York Proposal And The Lost Engagement Ring

Speaking to the New York Times, John said: "We're absolutely ecstatic".

Police are seeking a couple who lost an engagement ring down a grate in NY moments after the man popped the question.

The saga began just before midnight Friday in Times Square, the NYPD said.

Local man John was proposing to his girlfriend Daniella at Times Square when he dropped the ring down a drain.

The force said officers had managed to recover the jewellery and appealed for help in tracking the couple down after they left the area without leaving any contact details.

Emergency Services Unit officers weren't able to retrieve the ring until Saturday morning-but at that point, the couple had gone.

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It all appeared to turn out well. Police say the couple, who had returned to England, got in touch and the ring will get back to them.

"I want to clarify that I did not propose over a grate in Times Square - that's where we lost it", Mr Drennan told the BBC.

Police are now trying to track them down to restore their holiday joy. "Help us find them?" "In the end, we had no choice but to walk away and try to enjoy the rest of our weekend". They were wrong. The NYPD found the ring and, to kindly find its rightful owner, posted a note about it on Twitter, along with a surveillance video of the incident. If you're thinking that he looks panicked, that's because the ring had dropped into a subway grate and he couldn't get it out, reports Mashable.

He then tweeted a photo of the happy couple, saying: "Congrats to John and his betrothed, Daniella (they're from across the pond, about 2 hours north of London). Our officers rescued it & would like to return it to the happy couple", NYPD wrote on Twitter.

"We could not believe it, we really thought it was gone", Ms Anthony said.

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