Fortnite Map Adds The Block During The Game Awards

Fortnite Season 7 is almost here and winter is on its way

Fortnite Season 7 Arrives Today With New Locations, Items, Custom Minigames And More

For the metal turtle location in Fortnite, you'll need to venture over to the east side of the map.

According to Mustard, The Block ties in directly with the new Creative mode that launched in Fortnite along with Season 7 on December 6.

There might be a whole lot of fresh snow on Fortnite Island, but you're going to have to steer well clear if you want to complete stage 1 of this week's Battle Pass challenge.

The Creative mode gives players their own Fortnite island and offers them the chance to create virtually anything, and "the best and coolest" creations will be displayed in the actual game at The Block for everyone to see.

Players will find a much chillier atmosphere in game as Tilted Towers and all of the new surrounding environs have been iced over, complete with handy ziplines to get players from peak to peak in a jiffy.

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"We encourage you to share your creations with your friends and on social media using the #FortniteBlockParty". The map, for instance, is changing once again, and players have an entirely new Battle Pass to progress through. You'll also be able to play user-made maps from other players.

Unsurprisingly given the time of year, Fortnite's new season is holiday (or at least winter) themed.

It's hard to say how all these new changes will affect the game and how players will take to the game-changing new ways to travel. The outstanding new additions are the Fortnite season 7 map changes - including the new ice biome - plus some fun Fortnite planes to fly over the map.

The game was so much different back then.

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