Google Allo shuts down

Google Allo shuts down

Google Allo shuts down

It is essentially taking out two of its seven messaging apps and will focus on the remaining five messaging apps - which is still a ton of messaging apps.

While Allo is on the way out, Google is keeping Duo, its video-calling app, which added video messaging recently. Google says it will continue to leave Allo running through March 2019.

As we talked about earlier, Allo stopped getting attention from Google back in April as the team was pulled off of its development and put onto Android Messages. Not regretting the investment in Allo, Klainer says it was money well spent. Allo will continue to function until the end of March 2019.

Though fans of Allo will likely be disappointed by this news, it's great to see Google making a concerted effort to push its disparate messaging platforms in a more clear direction.

The retirement of Google Allo may appear glaringly evident given that Google moved it to the backburner months prior - also that it's proven unfit to go up against its rivals in any meaningful way.

For all your efforts, Google will reward you with data, which can then be used to call your friends and probably do other things. Until, that is, Google changes course on the messaging front yet again down the line. It is always looking to make a messaging app that can take the place of all of these apps, but can never quite get there. With the eventual rollout of RCS messaging for Android devices, Google is likely putting all of its resources into Messages, setting it as the primary messaging app from the company. Did you use it at all?

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Allo, a chat app released alongside Duo will from next year no longer be available for users. Not only does it simplify its fractured communications strategy to just FIVE apps, it's harvesting the best parts of Allo to bring Messages up to speed. In fact, 9to5Google claims that Google may have meant to announce the end of Allo sooner, but pushed it back when news leaked about its plans for Hangouts.

Shutting down these services is not a surprise for Google. It's not that it was a bad app or even a bad concept, but the majority of Android users either didn't know or didn't care that it existed. That is Google Voice.

Google Allo was last updated in January 2018. since then it has received no update and no patch.

The company will focus on more popular programs. It also came integrated with Google Assistant which allowed one to search for anything right within the app. The move comes as Google is finding itself struggling to keep up with competitors like Facebook, Snapchat, Line and others.

TechCrunch notes that while RCS chat is different from Hangouts, the rebranded Hangouts for enterprises will look very similar to Slack. But Google has said that it will open both up to all of its customers in the future.

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