Microsoft is working on Foldable Windows tablet

The Microsoft logo on a glass office in Amsterdam on a sunny day

Microsoft is working on Foldable Windows tablet

Naming aside, it's also not clear whether the Anaheim browser will keep any of Edge's user interface or opt for a complete redesign.

This is of course very exciting news for everybody but the Edge developing team, the new browser should indeed much faster and have numerous features we love from Chrome or Opera. Microsoft engineers were spotted committing codes to the Chromium project, thereby suggesting that they will be actively working with Google for an enhanced web browsing experience on Windows 10. A brand new browser based on the Chromium engine could go a long way toward drawing in more users and resolving numerous complaints about Edge.

Microsoft is reportedly building a new browser to replace Edge, but this time the company will use Chromium as its base. That's why Microsoft throwing in the towel on EdgeHTML is a good thing.

If the new report is true, that commitment to EdgeHTML has all but disappeared, as EdgeHTML will live in nothing but name (if that) inside all of Microsoft's browsers, as Microsoft replaces it on each platform with either Blink or WebKit.

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It's not clear when Microsoft might introduce its next browser-Windows Central reckons it will show up in the 19H1 Windows Insider builds that are now being tested.

According to The Verge, Microsoft could announce its Chromium browser plans as soon as this week.

Microsoft's new operating system is believed to be squarely-aimed at the same types of devices powered by Chrome OS, including lightweight notebooks - dubbed Chromebooks, as well as two-in-one convertible devices, and tablets. As such, many web developers treat Chrome as the base for their apps and sites, and many web apps are built specifically with Chrome (and thus Chromium) in mind. That move means all the major browsers-Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera-will all be using open source software. Let us know in the comments! The activity was reported by 9to5Google, which noted that Microsoft, Google and Qualcomm were all seemingly working on the code to get Chromium working on "Windows 10 on ARM", a version of Windows created to run on mobile devices like the HP Envy X2.

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