Red Dead 2 Online's Economy Isn't Right, Rockstar Admits; Updates Coming Soon

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Red Dead Online Updates Coming as Early as This Week, Rockstar Wants to Make it 'Appropriately Rewarding'

While there are likely many updates in the pipeline, Rockstar is honing in on the economy for this first major update.

Update: Red Dead Online has been in beta for nearly a week now and Rockstar is already making some changes based on the feedback so far.

You can send feedback about Red Dead Online directly to Rockstar here.

When talking about the in-game economy, Rockstar said "Our current areas of focus include the in-game economy, which will require some additional balancing in order to ensure all activities are appropriately rewarding and fun..."

The problem for many players with this, however, is that Gold Bars allow you to obtain certain items earlier than you can without them, meaning one can buy Bars with real money and get a leg up on other players online.

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As of now, it takes an obscene amount of time to grind out gold nuggets.

Red Dead Online's obviously a huge deal for Rockstar, and the beta's been going on for about a week now.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with Red Dead Online now available for all to hop into and play. Though a release date for the Red Dead Online economy update has yet to be revealed, fans will be glad to hear that the developer will make some adjustments to make things a little fairer. Fortunately, Rockstar has responded to these issues in a status update, promising that a fix is incoming.

It is now unclear whether this reworking will extend to Red Dead Online's gold bar system.

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