Trump Jr. tries to attack Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with dog-eating meme

Trump Jr. tries to attack Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with dog-eating meme

Trump Jr. tries to attack Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with dog-eating meme

According to the Washington Post, House members of both parties rarely pay interns.

Ocasio-Cortez in a December 2 tweet claimed a $21 trillion mistake could have paid for about 66 percent of the cost of a Medicare-for-all bill.

In a follow-up tweet, the newly-elected Democratic Socialist from NY argued that it was unfair for Congress to "rely on unpaid interns & underpaid overworked staff".

Ocasio-Cortez said Congress should raise wages for staffers so they can afford to continue living in Washington, one of the most expensive cities in the country. "We will be one of them".

She also tweeted on Monday that she has seen congressional employees waiting tables on the side.

On Monday, she said that when she went to a "dive spot in D.C. for some late night food," she talked with the staff.

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In the tweet posted from her official social media account, Ocasio-Cortez claims that the government could have easily paid for the healthcare scheme if Pentagon accounting errors were corrected and the money applied to her agenda. "SEVERAL bartenders, managers, & servers *currently worked in Senate + House offices, *" she wrote.

A few days ago Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) said she believes it's time for her colleagues to pay interns.

Areport in 2017 from non-profit group Pay Our Interns found that in the House, just 8% of Republicans and 3.6% of Democrats pay interns.

While Ocasio-Cortez settles into life on Capitol Hill, Trump reportedly awaiting indictment by special counsel Robert Mueller for lying to the FBI in the Russian Federation investigation.

A study previous year by Pay Our Interns found that 51 percent of Republican senators offer paid internships, compared with 31 percent of Democrats. The House will be given $8.8 million to distribute across members' offices, and the Senate will be given $5 million.

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