Worldwide Hunt Underway To Find Rare Blood For Girl With Cancer

Zainab Mughal

Image Zainab Mughal has neuroblastoma

OneBlood, a Florida-based nonprofit, is seeking potential donors for Zainab, who is battling neuroblastoma and whose blood is missing a common antigen, called Indian B. If Zainab receives blood with this antigen, her body will reject it, according to OneBlood.

OneBlood is working with other groups, as well as the American Rare Donor Program, an organization that searches worldwide for rare blood donors, to find matches for Zainab, as she will need blood transfusions for the foreseeable future.

Must be exclusively of Pakistani, Indian or Iranian descent, meaning the donor's birth parents are both 100% Pakistani, Indian or Iranian. Zainab's donor must also have an "O" or "A" blood type.

Zainab Mughal was diagnosed with neuroblastoma two months ago.

Now, her parents are pleading for anyone who believes they may be a match for their daughter to come forward and donate before it's too late. Because the antigen is so common, it makes it hard to find blood donors who are lacking it as well, Forbes said. So far, three matching donors have been located, including a donor that ARDP located in the United Kingdom, near London.

Mughal said his daughter's diagnosis was "the worst thing" they could have expected, until doctors discovered another problem.

Zainab's parents learned that she has high-risk neuroblastoma and the doctors think the tumor inside the child's belly may have been growing for at least 10 months.

Zainab Mughal
Image The child needs life-saving transfusions and bone marrow transplants

Neuroblastoma is a type of cancer that develops in the very early forms of nerve cells.

The cancer can spread to tissues beyond the original site, including bone marrow, bone, lymph nodes, liver and skin. The cancer commonly affects children below the age of five.

The non-profit blood donation organization OneBlood launched a campaign in a bid to find people who can donate blood to Zainab Mughal. None of Zainab's family have turned out to be matches, Mughal said.

According to a press release, more than 1,000 local and nationwide donations have been tested.

"This is all hands on deck", Bright said in the video.

"All donations for Zainab must be coordinated with OneBlood in advance to ensure the additional compatibility testing is performed", OneBlood said.

"What you're doing to save a human life, my daughter's life, is fantastic", shared Mughal.

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