Amazon's Alexa now in more than 100 million devices

Amazon has sold more than 100 million Alexa devices

Amazon sold over 100 million Alexa devices

The piece also notes that Amazon is sold out of its own Echo Dot smart speakers through January, after they were the hot seller over the Christmas period. Before Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa start duking it out on the show floor, Google wants to let the world know just how many devices have access to the Google Assistant: a cool billion. Moreover, Samsung's new panels will now take commands from Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa if you already have a supporting smart speaker. For laptops, Google-built Chrome OS devices all have access to the Google Assistant, and it sounds like it's going to be a standard feature on all Chrome OS devices soon. The User will be able to execute commands from Alexa or Google Assistant but the built-in voice helper will be Bixby.

Those are some impressive numbers, but they shouldn't really come as a surprise; it seems more and more Assistant-powered devices are being announced every couple of weeks, and plenty are sure to make their first appearance at CES 2019. Over the a year ago, Google has added support for 22 new languages and 66 more countries, bringing the total to 30 languages and 80 countries. AI voice assistants are expected to dominate this year's CES, with smart homes fast becoming the norm in the US. These devices are made by more than 4,500 manufacturers, and apparently Alexa has access to more than 70,000 skills. "And beyond that, the Assistant is being quite heavily used across these devices as well".

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Amazon didn't reveal any other figures, but this is still enough to promote the epic rise of smart speakers, as well as smart homes in the current tech space.

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