Apple iPhone XS Max catches fire in man's pocket

Burned iPhone XS Max

Image Source iDrop News via Josh Hillard

Josh Hillard, the complainant, said that he was at work when he noticed a unusual smell emanating from his back pocket (where his phone was kept) and then felt intense heat on his leg. Hillard went to say that moments later, the phone started to emanate yellow and green smoke. "Later in the day, the team told me about the video that the office security camera captured", he added.

Josh rushed to an Apple store to report the issue where it was arrogantly treatment Further, he spent 20 minutes talking to a rep at Apple Care reporting the issue. Citi Research analyst William Yang cut his overall iPhone shipment forecast by 5 million, to 45 million, for the first quarter, with demand for the iPhone XS Max predicted to drop by 48 percent.

While it may be the first-ever case of iPhone XS Max exploding, smartphones catching fire or overheating is certainly not new. The user claims that he was informed by the Apple Store manager that the phone had to be sent to the engineering team for analysis in order to provide him with a replacement unit.

iDrop News reports he is indeed strongly considering legal action for the incident. Significant damage can also be seen on the sides and back of the handset.

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It's unclear what might have caused the fire in Hillard's iPhone, but his account of what happened could indicate that the battery inside the iPhone XS Max overheated for some reason.

Hillard said that although a supervisor in Apple's safety department offered to replace his phone, he also wants restitution for his damaged clothing, as well as reimbursement for the cost of his wireless plan for the period when he was left phone-less.

Is it impossible to eliminate such incidents?

Last month one iPhone X allegedly exploded after it was upgraded to iOS 12.1. The phone was barely a month old, so the incident can not be blamed on battery abuse.

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