Are there enough staff to make it happen — NHS long-term plan

NHS 10 year plan

NHS 10 year plan

It will guarantee the future of the NHS for the next generation.

It's worth taking a moment to reflect on when the NHS was first proposed from this dispatch box by Churchill's Government in 1944.

This target would pave the way for saving up to 10,000 lives a year.

Ten years before we knew the structure of DNA, 4 decades before the first MRI.

An expectation that informatics leaders will be on the board of every NHS organisation.

Over the next 10 years, the NHS aims to have a universal place for people to go to when they're in crisis - the 111 helpline - which will operate on a 24/7 basis. As we said in our consultation response, it is unacceptable that many optical practices still have to rely on fax machines to make referrals to secondary care for sight-threatening conditions.

"The NHS in England is already short of more than 40,000 nurses and the figure is rising".

This will help address today's challenges.

"The systematic problems facing the NHS have not been properly addressed". Every day, the NHS treats over 1 million people.

At the heart of this plan is the principle that prevention is better than cure.

More support for people with long term conditions through mobile monitoring devices and the interoperability of data. It has since been announced that GP and community care services are expected to receive £4.5bn from the overall £20bn increase.

That means patients will have improved access to their Global Positioning System and greater flexibility about how they contact them.

- Cutting-edge scans and the potential use of artificial intelligence to improve stroke care. The teams will work with other local community services to provide medical help and support through counselling.

Mr Speaker, ultimately staff are the heart of the NHS - the people who work in the NHS.

"So why on earth is there no mention of staffing issues in today's long-awaited plan?"

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Meanwhile, NHS doctors will be able to access specialist mental health support, providing a safe, confidential non-stigmatising service to turn to when they are struggling and need help. But I want to see it happen evrywhere. "While there are initiatives in the plan to build the workforce, they need to be matched with action from central government to secure training budgets and a supportive migration policy to allow worldwide recruitment that is vital to staffing the NHS".

The plan was welcomed by campaigners, but experts warned that implementing it would be hard.

Supporting our growing elderly population to stay healthy and independent for longer.

The NHS App, which is now being rolled out, will be further developed to enable a simple triage online and create a standard online way for people to access the NHS.

"And it sets a practical, costed, phased route map for the NHS's priorities for care quality and outcomes improvement for the decade ahead".

This will include using technology to provide more precise targeting of public health messages.

"The Long Term Plan represents vital progress towards parity of esteem for mental health services and has come through genuine and meaningful engagement with the sector".

Speaking to BBC One's The Andrew Marr Show, she said: "We're slipping against the targets because despite the fact we're actually doing more, the demand is outstripping that".

Dedicating specialised fellowship programmes for brain cancer will offer the trusts offering these posts clinical expertise at the same time filling a research gap in a disease area harbouring historically low rates in survival and patient care & experience.

The health service will take a more active role in helping people to cut their risk factors: stopping smoking, losing weight and reducing alcohol intake.

"This will help relieve pressure on the NHS while providing the basis to transform care with world-class treatments".

And we will upgrade urgent care so people can get the right care more quickly.

AOP professional adviser, Henry Leonard, added: "We are really pleased to see the eye care needs of children with learning disabilities specifically recognised in the plan".

The plan continues the recent NHS trend of focusing on prevention and early detection, by detailing that the biggest cash injections will go to Global Positioning System, mental health and community care, increasing funding for primary and community care by at least £4.5 billion and aiming to curb the reliance on hospitals. Funded by taxpayers, designed by doctors, delivered by this government.

Currently, GPs, mental health services and community care account for just 25% of NHS spending.

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