Chesterfield Greggs store slammed for not having any vegan sausage rolls

The new vegan sausage roll isn't available in most Kent stores

The new vegan sausage roll isn't available in most Kent stores

Later, he bragged that he'd just ordered a non-vegan sausage roll via room service, adding that the "vegan resistance starts here".

True-to-from, Morgan offered up an unsolicited opinion, calling Greggs "PC-ravaged clowns".

Greggs recently announced that the vegan version of their sausage roll, their best seller, is finally coming to their stores. "I waited for mine and by the time it was cooked, there was a queue of us who took them and more people waited!"

Greggs have been contacted for a comment. The company sells 1.5m traditional pork sausage rolls a week. "To annoy Piers Morgan".

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"Everyone tag Piers Morgan in it to ruin his day", the chain pizza restaurant tweeted Thursday, tagging the Twitter page of Greggs - a United Kingdom bakery that had just been involved in a Twitter squabble with Morgan the day earlier.

The stocks of 150 rolls at the Ulverston store had sold out within hours of the outlet opening this morning, one shopper told The Mail.

It is made with a "bespoke" Quorn filling, layers of puff pastry and vegetable oil.

You've either been disconnected from the world for the past 24 hours or you've heard everybody talking about the Greggs vegan sausage roll.

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