Dance on these towers in Fortnite for some easy battle stars

Search between a Giant Rock Man a Crowned Tomato and an Encircled Tree Challenge

Dance on these towers in Fortnite for some easy battle stars

The location of the secret Battle Star is teased in the new loading screen players will receive after completing the Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 challenges.

You'll want to take this information on to the Fortnite Battle Royale map to uncover the secret star location.

As we are mid-way through season 7 we take a look at how to tackle the fifth week of the weekly challenges. This second stage requires players to then find a Ranger Tower and dance on top of it, too.

Once you have made your way to the location of the air traffic control tower in Fortnite at Frosty Flights all you will need to do is make your way to the top of the structure and perform any of your various emotes to complete the challenge. But considering this is stage two in the challenge, we suspect you already do. This item will do a lot of damage to built structures, and it's ideal to remove the barriers between you and your enemies you're trying to kill.

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However, before you get the particular loading screen, you'll have to complete the challenges mentioned in the 5th week's list.

The first stage of this challenge means dancing on top of a Water Tower located on the Fortnite map. As always, keep in mind to finish out the match you're in once you've completed one or more challenges in order to be sure you get credit for them. When you're dropping in from the battle bus, head in that direction and make sure you land on top of the tower.

Players can also use other mobility options such as the X-4 Stormwing, Balloons, or Launch Pads to get on top. You can easily find the suppressed pistol as a floor or chest item, the suppressed scar is more common in supply drops or if you are lucky, inside chests.

Battle Pass challenges: You'll need to buy the Battle Pass for the season to complete these challenges. There is one at Retail Row, where the chest usually spawns. That's where you need to go.

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